Leadlight Repairs

Whilst leadlights can add real character to your property, they are also susceptible to developing problems over time. These flaws are usually as a result of joints that are either weakly or overly soldered, which can put additional strain on the glass. The result is often stress cracks that spoil the aesthetics of the leadlight, whilst also undermining its functionality by allowing cold air and rainwater through.

At Window-Fix we provide a variety of repair services to restore your leadlight to its former glory, including:

– Replacements of sections or whole leadlight windows
– Leadlight framework repair
– Resoldering of joints
– Application of new putty to replace cracked seals
– Restoration of glass panelling

To hear more about our leadlight repair services or to discuss your requirements please call us on 01943 512614 or 07986 488 980. Alternatively you can email windletwin@aol.com or complete our contact form.

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